%YAML 1.2
lang: en-US

type: structure

uri: https://gedcom.io/terms/v7/SOUR-EVEN

standard tag: EVEN

  - Event
  - An enumerated value from set `https://gedcom.io/terms/v7/enumset-EVENATTR`
    indicating the type of event or attribute which was responsible for the source
    entry being recorded. For example, if the entry was created to record a birth
    of a child, then the type would be `BIRT` regardless of the assertions made
    from that record, such as the mother's name or mother's birth date.

label: 'Event'

payload: https://gedcom.io/terms/v7/type-Enum

enumeration set: "https://gedcom.io/terms/v7/enumset-EVENATTR"

  "https://gedcom.io/terms/v7/PHRASE": "{0:1}"
  "https://gedcom.io/terms/v7/ROLE": "{0:1}"

  "https://gedcom.io/terms/v7/SOUR": "{0:1}"