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many new features

New Expressivity, Flexibility,and Compatibility

New features add new semantic power to the older version of GEDCOM, allowing FamilySearch GEDCOM Version 7.0 to represent concepts Version 5.5 could not. Media can now link to the Internet as well as local files. Notes may now use a subset of HTML for basic rich-text markup. All dates now have date phrases, including date ranges and periods. Identifiers RIN, RFN, and AFN have been combined into a new EXID, which can now also be used to link to external databases and websites. All text payloads may contain line breaks. LANG payloads are now language tags. Many other positive changes can be reviewed in the ChangeLog in the main public repository.

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public access

GitHub Public Repositories

Join the public repository for the GEDCOM 7 File Specification. Contribute with issues, pull requests, and comments. Copy, review, and use the published specification for programming whatever genealogical software you want.

GEDCOM Specification Repository