Technical guides and best practices

This sections provides helpful technical FAQs and common cases that need to be encoded for compliance with the FamilySearch GEDCOM specification and best practices. Other guides and tips will be provided as they become available.

General FAQs

The General FAQs are basic information that helps you understand the background, ownership, purpose and changes to the specification.

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Technical FAQs

The Technical FAQs presents how to handle some of the more difficult coding situations in v7.0.

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Migrating v5.x to v7.x

This guide has many tips on situtations where coding was done one way in version 5.5.1 and is recommended to code it a little differently in version 7.

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FamilySearch GEDCOM Compatibility Guide

The FamilySearch GEDCOM Compatibility Guide provides guidance for developing and testing for GEDCOM compatilibity.

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