Joining and staying connected with the community

Community has links to current issues, discussions, the blog, groups to join, and information about contributing to this project.

General Group

This is the wide open discussion and mailing group related to GEDCOM in general. Join the group by:

  1. Visit the GEDCOM General Google Group
  2. Click on the Join Group arrow on the far right next to the group
  3. Enter your display name and subscription settings
  4. Press Join group at the bottom right of the dialog

Public Repository

Become a GitHub contributor for the next version by joining the FamilySearch GEDCOM public repository when it becomes available.

Issue Tracker

You can review issues being discussed for the working version of FamilySearch GEDCOM when it becomes available.

Project Teams

  • Places - consider changing from a comma-separated place hierarchy to a set of linked place records.
  • Names - consider changing personal names from being specified in the Name tag and optional subordinate tags to a new set of subordinate tags.
  • Relationships - support for varying definitions of families, roles and relationships.
  • Hypothesis - sharing and collaborating on supposition of facts not yet provable with source records.
  • Sources - More source-centric capabilities including multi-person events and multi-purpose sources.
  • Custom Tags - work on gathering and referencing known custom tags and discuss how to organize, publish, and possibly add more formaility to the creation, use, and registration.
  • Tools - identify software tools, sample code and sample files that will be helpful to create and upgrade FamilySearch GEDCOM processing.
  • Guides - author and/or maintain FAQs, best practices, reference implementation guides, and other information that will be helpful to software developers.
  • Compliance - what cases, sample files, and minimum requirements will benefit developers in understanding what is working and what is not-working according to some level of compliance self-test.

Note: Sample files is a sub-area of work that will benefit Tools, Guides, and Compliance.

If you would like additional information or request to participate in one or more of these above Project Teams, send an email to putting “Project Team: team name(s)” in the subject.