The FamilySearch GEDCOM 7 specification defines EXID.TYPE as holding the URI of the authority for the identifier in the EXID payload. The following table lists a number of well-known base URIs defined for this purpose. These base URIs can be used together with the EXID value to form the full URI. For a few examples, see Migrating v5.5.1 to v7.0.

Applications can use base URIs beyond those listed in this table, but additional URIs may not be recognized by other applications.

The set of registered EXID types in JSON format can be found in exid-types.json.

Type of Identifier Base URI
Ancestral File Number https://gedcom.io/terms/v7/AFN
FamilySearch Memory ID https://gedcom.io/exid-type/FamilySearch-MemoryId
FamilySearch Person ID https://gedcom.io/exid-type/FamilySearch-PersonId
FamilySearch Place ID https://gedcom.io/exid-type/FamilySearch-PlaceId
FamilySearch Source Description ID https://gedcom.io/exid-type/FamilySearch-SourceDescriptionId
FamilySearch User ID https://gedcom.io/exid-type/FamilySearch-UserId
Find a Grave Cemetery ID https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery
Find a Grave Memorial ID https://www.findagrave.com/memorial
Record ID Number https://gedcom.io/terms/v7/RIN
Record File Number https://gedcom.io/terms/v7/RFN